Early history of Govt. Bangla College

Early history of Govt. Bangla College

July 22, 2018

Government Bangla College
Government Bangla College is a government educational institution located in the northwest part of the capital city of Dhaka in Bangladesh.The college was established on 1 October 1962 by Principal Abul Kashem to promote the use of the Bangla in higher education and to establish the language in all spheres of national life of Bangalis.[1] It is affiliated with the University of Dhaka.

Soon after the historical Language Movement, in 1956 Bangla was recognized as one of the state languages of Pakistan, in the country’s first Constitution. Shortly thereafter, Principal Abul Kashem, former professor of University of Dhaka and pioneer of the Bengali Language Movement, realized that Bangla is neglected in every different field in Pakistan. In 1960, in a meeting for Martyrs’ Day at Curzon Hall at University of Dhaka, He said “Even before West Pakistan was formed, they have established Urdu College to made Urdu as State language of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan has contributed fund and land toward Urdu College. Although we have fought so much, Government is still ignoring our plea. If government doesn’t response, we should create a Bangla Medium College in the future.”[2]

Then in 1961 He had some discussion with some educationists and intellectuals regarding setting up a higher level institute in East Pakistan.

The college became affiliated with the University of Dhaka in 2017.[3]

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Academic departments
Department of English
Department of Bangla
Department of Political Science
Department of Sociology
Department of Accounting
Department of Finance & Banking
Department of Management
Department of Marketing
Department of Economics
Department of Islamic Studies
Department of Islamic History & Cultural
Department of Botany
Department of Zoology
Department of Chemistry
Department of Physics
Department of Mathematics
Department of History
Department of Philosophy
Department of Social Welfare
Department of Soil Science

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