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Notre Dame college, dhaka admission test question

August 19, 2018
Notre dame college, dhaka admission test
Notre Dame college, dhaka admission test question

Pic: Entry path of Notre Dame College,Dhaka. Students are entering into their college.

Notre Dame college, Dhaka admission test question

Notre dame college, Dhaka admission test question.Few days later, your SSC exam result will be published . You are expecting a great result in the exam.  It’s a very valuable result for you after the end of your school life. After a long days, you get some free time and hope you are enjoying it. It is natural that you are enjoying this time so much, because you never get such a free time.  However, within a few days, after giving the result you will start thinking about your college (maybe many have started).

Those who have decided to admit at Notre Dame College. Today, I will talk about them for the preparation of this exam ( Notre Dame college, dhaka admission test question ). If you want to admit at Notre Dame college, Dhaka,you need to get a chance in this college. For this purpose you have to face admit test. So if you have no idea about the method of this examination,it will be  difficult   for you to get a chance at this college.


First , let’s talk about the test method. It will help you to take a great preparation.
At first  you have to take part in the written test and then you will face  the oral or viva. The written exam will be held on half  an hour. You can take pen, pencil, scientific calculator and other necessary things in the exam hall. Geometry box is not needed.
Last year, questions came from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (General + Higher), Bengal and English. But every year there are very few changes in questionnaire. There are 10 short questions from Physics and Chemistry.In Bangla you may get only 5 short questions and most of the questions will come from your textbook. A great number of students apply there, so the test have been taken in two days.The questions of this sets are rarely match, but the questions pattern are the same for all.
 For  English you only see the grammar part. You never get any English questions from the first paper. In the last year, everyone had to answer on a specific topic separately on the question. At the question number 5, someone got the verb, someone article, some of the preposition. Don’t be worried about it. Most of the questions will so easy.
Notre Dame college, dhaka admission test question

Always remember you can do every thing

There are four questions in Mathematics.Two come from general math and two from higher math. In your question paper you will see the questions on one side, and another site is empty. The empty space is basically to be digitized. So you can understand how valuable the place is. Most of the questions are so easy, but the students become very nervous as the time is too short. So, keep the head cool. It will give you super power to answer the questions correctly.
Read the Bengal textbook again and again. Poetic identity, vocabulary, word-meaning are vary important. You have no need to read the full drama or novel. The theme and main characters are very important. So always be remember it. If you have good knowledge in English or your basic is so strong you will do better in the exam. The questions of physics and chemistry will be so easy.
Most of them will be general or formula. So, there is no need to think more.
Be serious in math.There is no scope to exclude the sums you have dropped in the SSC exam. Take a look at them. You never scope any chapters. It will help you to do batter in the test and you will be more confident. It will make your test easy.You have to do the  sums on the back page and write the answers on the front or answer page. Your raf is also very important. You can not expect a result by answering these sums without raf.
Notre Dame college, dhaka admission test question


You have to face viva after the 30-minute written test. Always speak the truth in front of the teacher. There are many students who did well in the written test but they didn’t get a chance in the college for their viva. Below are some questions that can usually ask you:
1. Why do you want to read here?
2. Is it your own wishes or parents?
3.Have you any relatives or not? If you do not have any relatives then where do you stay?
4. How to keep the college clean?
5.Do you smoking?
6. If you do not get a chance in the college, where do you read?
7.By whom did you know about college?
8.What does your father do?
9. Tell something about your area.
10. What is the main purpose of education?
(Your questions will be in Bangla)

Never feel nervous. Always feel happy. Meet with your senior brother  who are the student in the college. They will help you to get the update.

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